Roasted Beets and Green Beans with Cheese and Pecans

Ingredients 1-2 lb beets, washed and trimmed 1-2 lb green beans, trimmed and washed 3-4 oz soft sheep’s milk or goat cheese 2 cups pecans, toasted 3 Tbsp olive oil mixed fresh herbs, if desired 2 garlic cloves, peeled and minced 1/4 cup reduced balsamic vinegar (see note) salt and pepper to taste Preheat ovenContinue reading “Roasted Beets and Green Beans with Cheese and Pecans”

Summer Vegetable Tempura with Two Dips

Ingredients Assorted summer/fall vegetables (recommended: beans, peppers, sweet potatoes, green tomatoes or tomatillos, okra, onion) 1.5 cups all purpose flour per 1 lb of veggies 12 oz (1 can) of seltzer per 1.5 cups of flour About 6 cups of vegetable oil for frying 1/2 tsp salt per cup of flour Ingredients for dips/toppings 1/2Continue reading “Summer Vegetable Tempura with Two Dips”